You can win a huge amount of prize money if you participate in an online lottery. We know that bingo lovers also like to try their luck at the lottery. We have scoured in internet to find you the best websites to play online lottery. When you decide to take a bingo break check out a site that offers the lottery. Come back for updates as we add more sites to this list.

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What is an Online Lottery?

Chances of Winning the Jackpot

Some online bingo sites also offer lottery jackpots. The unique design of each type of online lottery determines a different level of prize money and other rewards. Factors determining the prize money include a tally of probable numbers, drawing of the winning number, order of numbers called as well as further calling of numbers.

For example, in the 49-number online lottery, the winner has to strike off all the 6 numbers between 1 and 49, present on the ticket and in the same order of numbers called. If all the numbers are cut, then you are entitled to win the jackpot.

Another variation of online lottery is bonus ball lottery. You have to strike the number present on the bonus ball in order to win the jackpot. You reduce the probability of winning the jackpot in case the number of participants increases.

Many online lotteries announce fewer prizes even when you strike off all the numbers in your ticket. If you match more numbers, the probability of winning the jackpot increases.

How to Register for Online Lottery

Online lottery is a favorite pastime of the people in UK and nowadays, you can play the game by visiting an online gaming casino near your area. There are several online gaming casinos involving different rules and regulations of registering for their online lottery.

You have to register on an online gaming website to play online lottery. You may also try to win the online gaming bonus at one of these sites. Moreover, gaming websites have also introduced free online slots and mobile lottery websites so that anybody can access it when he or she is on the move.

Caller’s Card

The online version of the lottery ticket is similar to the raffle ticket used in old times. The trick to win a prize is to strike off all the numbers present in the caller’s card. The struck off numbers should correspond to matching numbers in other cards from 1 to 6. The matching numbers may be struck off in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal manner or you may strike numbers present in the four corners of the other card. You can claim a prize after showing your ticket to the Camelot or retailer for verification of the matching numbers.

Now that you have come to know about the nuances of playing online lottery, would you try to play it at least once? Then, what are you waiting for? Just register on an online bingo website and start playing lottery games.