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Scratch cards are on offer all over the place!

If you are an ardent fan of online bingo sites, you can win daily prizes on such sites by using online scratch cards at any casino. To win a prize you must strike off the symbols hidden under the nine squares present on your online scratch card. If three symbols match the main draw, you will win the prize associated with that block. You stand a chance to win all types of prizes!

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What are Scratch Cards?

Types of Online Casino Scratch Cards

Several casinos offer prizes on different types of scratch cards; normally there are ten types. Scratch card games allow a player to win prizes instantly when you are practicing free or when you are playing with actual cash.

If you are fond of cute animal figures, you must try your luck in playing the scratch card game of Funky Monkeys. Roaring Twenties is an online scratch card game for art lovers and people who love interior designing. These scratch card games also have a welcome bonus to be won; moreover, you do not have to make any initial deposit for playing the first round of the online scratch card game. Several other rewards such as cash bonuses, special discounts, and promotional offers are available.


An essential factor in determining the prize of a scratch card game is the bet size. If you bet more, you will have an opportunity to win a higher amount as the prize money. The online scratch card games are quick and instant hence they avoid monotony or boredom. Moreover, the participants are constantly monitoring their bank account to keep a track of their prize money won.

You must always prepare a budget before participating in an online scratch card game. If you have a higher budget, you stand a chance to win huge prize money otherwise it will be difficult for you to recover the losses. Another benefit of online scratch card games is that a player need not download the online version of the game on his desktop. You can strike off the called numbers by pointing on the touch screen and tapping on the particular number. In this way, there is no delay in announcing the winner as well because it is done instantly.

Thirdly, you can purchase a scratch card worth several denominations. The combined amount will be adjusted in the budget of the online casino games and the participants will be able to win instant cash prizes.

Online scratch card games also present a visual treat for the players because the scratch cards comprise of beautiful pictures accompanied with wonderful sounds that act as a morale boosting factor for the players.

The main difference between physical version and online scratch card games is the former required the player to move out of the playing arena and purchase the tickets. In the online scratch card game, a player can buy online scratch cards to begin the game immediately.