Bingo VIP Sites

If you consider yourself a dedicated member of bingo sites and play regularly, there are many Bingo VIP sites available to you that reward such loyalty. You can join these sites, become a VIP member and claim offers like refunds, entry passes to special bingo rooms, exclusive membership deals and jackpot tickets.

You will feel exclusive as a part of such VIP sites but to help you choose from the multitude and variety of options available nowadays, we have listed the best ones. You can choose from these options according to what appeals to you the best.

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What Are Bingo VIP Sites?

Bingo VIP sites make you feel like royalty. Depending on the amount you deposit, you are given certain corresponding bonuses and membership deals. But don’t worry if your initial deposit is low, you can always play a number of games, earn credit and win real cash. You can then climb the ranks of these sites in this manner and gain an exclusive membership deal.

As you climb the ranks of these online bingo sites, your rewards and bonuses will improve as well as your jackpot amounts. It will be a moment of pride for you when you can showcase that specially earned badge to your friends during live chat sessions on these bingo sites. Your badges will only grow bigger and shinier as you advance and become a pro at bingo.

In order to help you advance most of these sites offer slot tournaments every week where you can play slots and earn huge cash rewards. Some sites also offer you gadgets as prizes so make sure you check out all your options. These slots will rank you and if you are in the top five, you will avail major rewards and cash prizes.

VIP members are also entitled to take part in quizzes where you can reap in major bonuses by answering a few questions so stay alert and keep your knowledge of bingo updated.

The wagering requirements differ from site to site and game to game and most VIP sites generally have a certain minimum withdrawal amount. You will have to provide your card details and personal information to withdraw your winnings.

As a VIP member, you are also entitled to cash back offers if you deposit regularly. If you recommend the site to your friends and they join, you also get the special ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus. Go crazy choosing from a variety of slot games, casino games and themed bingo games as a member of such VIP sites. If you ace the game and win many games daily, your name will also be displayed on the bingo site.

You can also follow these sites on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to get free bingo tickets. Now that you know what all a VIP member is entitled to, you should waste no time in signing up for any of the above sites. Keep playing and advancing and soon you’ll be flying high with major rewards.