Compare Bingo Sites By Payment Type

Playing bingo online is both a fun and challenging experience as there are a variety of different games and rooms you can choose from. Different sites offer you exclusive deals and promotions, but at times there are wagering requirements and payment options attached to these deals. It is best to look at the different payment options offered by the various sites, in order to choose the best ones and ensure that your money and personal details are safe. We have listed below the most trusted and renowned payment options and each bingo site that offers each of thee payment types.

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Choose a Bingo Site by Payment Type

When you choose a bingo site, you will generally need to pay a certain deposit in order to start playing or to withdraw your winnings. Different sites have several kinds of payment methods and it is best to find bingo sites that have the payment options you are most comfortable with.

Some sites let new gamers play without any deposits, but often in order to keep playing you will need to make a deposit. Also, if you have earned something without depositing any cash, you will have to pay a certain amount in order to withdraw those winnings.

Thus, you will eventually have to register yourself with bingo sites and make certain payments. There are several kinds of payments options; the most popular option that most sites offer is via credit or debit cards.

Debit or Credit Cards

The best part about using a debit card to make a payment on a bingo site is that you will often not be issued any fees. The same does not hold true for credit cards, as when you make a payment online with a credit card, the issuer charges you fees as part of a cash advance.

Debit cards are also beneficial when you have to withdraw your winnings as the bingo site transfers your cash rewards instantly to your account and once processed you can use these funds instantly.


There are also several sites that allow you to pay deposits using web wallets like Paypal and Skrill. These are beneficial in the sense that you do not have to share any personal card details with the bingo site as your funds are transferred from the web wallet directly to the site.

But, when it comes to withdrawing your winnings via web wallets, you may be charged a certain fee to transfer your funds from your web wallet to your account or via cheque.


There are also online bingo sites that accept pre-paid vouchers. You can buy these pre-paid bingo vouchers at stores and use them to fund your bingo accounts.

Mobile Bingo Sites

You can even pay your deposits for mobile bingo sites by charging it to your mobile phone account. But, often the amount that you can deposit via such methods is minimal and thus you may not be able to avail bonuses and discounts or have access to exclusive rooms.

Therefore, there are several ways to make payments on bingo sites and it is always better to stick to reputed sites when using your credit or debit card. In case you don’t feel safe sharing these details with the bingo sites, you can also make payments via web wallets.