150% Deposit Bonus

150% Deposit Bonus!

Suppose you are short on cash and want to play with £25 online on a bingo site, but you only have £10. There are some options for you. Now many bingo sites are coming up with unique deposit bonuses where you can get more from your deposit based on the percentage offered by the site. You can choose from sites offering a 150% deposit bonus where if you deposit say £10, you will get £25 to play with. We have listed below for you the best sites offering a 150% deposit bonus.

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What is a 150% Deposit Bonus?

What is a 150% Deposit Bonus?

You can make the most out of your deposit by registering on bingo sites that offer welcome deposit bonuses of certain percentages. When you register on a site with a 150% deposit bonus, you get to increase your welcome deposit by the specified percentage. So, you end up getting more bingo cash to play with.

How It Works

You deposit an amount with an online bingo site, which can be as low as £5, and the site offers you a welcome bonus of 150%. Once the bonus is applied, you are then given £7.5 to play with on that £5 deposit. The minimum amount you need to deposit to register for these 150% welcome bonuses differs from site to site. You can even avail redeposit bonuses once you have re-deposited some amount with the site, which keep increasing and give you a chance to play for mega jackpots and give you exclusive membership of these sites.

Challenging Games and Rooms

Using this deposit bonus, you will have access to a number of different bingo rooms and games, where you can keep challenging yourself and learn the nuances of the game. You can choose from rooms that have 70-ball, 85-ball, 90-ball, etc style games. There are also chat rooms where you can simultaneously play and talk to fellow site members who can guide you as to how to go about the game. Use your bonus wisely and you can make huge profits.

Cash Prizes

Since you get quite a good welcome bonus, you now have more money to play with and you can in fact play many more games. You are also eligible to try to win huge cash rewards and jackpots. When it comes to withdrawing the bonus cash though, you will have to check the wagering requirements of the site you are using.

Wagering Requirements

Make sure you check the site’s terms and conditions before you register for such bonuses as many sites may require that you have to win a certain amount before you can withdraw any prize money. Moreover, some sites may require you to deposit a certain amount or redeposit your money to withdraw your winnings.

So therefore, you do not need to fret about having a small deposit to start with. Just find an online bingo site that offers a 150% deposit bonus and get extra cash to play with. Make sure you make the most of your bonus amount and become a pro at the game.