Newbie Bingo Rooms

If you are playing bingo for the first time and are unsure of where to start and what games to play, worry not. We have compiled a list of all the best sites offering newbie bingo rooms.

In these newbie bingo rooms, you can try your hand at bingo without making any deposits. This will help you decide whether this is actually the right game and site for you without losing any money. The duration of these newbie rooms differ from site to site, so make sure you check out our options to see what suits you best.

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What are Newbie Bingo Rooms?

When starting out anything new, it is natural to want to get a hang of the game to see where your strengths lie and fully understand it. This is why most bingo sites have now come up with newbie bingo rooms where newcomers can play basic bingo games for a certain time period.

The number of days you can play for is generally not very long but helps you get an idea of what the game is all about. It is like a free training session before you enter the big leagues.

Most of the online sites generally do not require a deposit for the newbie rooms but you have to sign up for these rooms and some may even require credit card details. This is mainly to prevent people from creating multiple accounts to access these newbie rooms.

You can play for a certain number of days after which you will have to make a deposit to keep playing on the site. As a newcomer, you can also win prize pots in these newbie rooms but these are mostly in the form of bonuses to keep playing. You will be required to deposit a certain amount and win a certain level of money before you can withdraw it. You can always chat to others in these newbie rooms for tips and share your experiences. Most of the sites also offer these newbie rooms on your smartphone and tablets, so that you can play at your own convenience.

Most of these sites have specific timings for these rooms so make sure you note down the timing most suitable for you. On a general basis you are allowed to play on an hourly basis. You must be 18 years and older to access these rooms.

Once you have tried out all your options and played as many games as you want in these newbie rooms, you can deposit or redeposit your money and became a member of such sites.

Don’t miss out on such a golden opportunity and make sure you avail the facilities of a newbie room to master your bingo skills. Once you have aced your bingo skills in the newbie rooms, you can then go on to play in a normal room and show off your skills to your friends or fellow site members. Watch how quickly you climb up the ranks and advance to soon become a VIP member of that same site where you were once a newbie.