50% Redeposit Bonus

50% Redeposit Bonus!

Most of the sites now have a number of varied lucrative offers to lure you to their sites. This is because there is now a plethora of options available to play bingo online. There are some sites that reward you if you keep using their site by offering you a 50% redeposit bonus. This means that every time you deposit some amount again on the site, you will get an additional amount to play with. To help you choose from all the sites offering a 50% redeposit bonus, we have listed the best ones below.

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What is a 50% Redeposit Bonus?

What is a 50% Redeposit Bonus?

Suppose you have used an online bingo site and don’t mind playing on it once again, so you redeposit a certain amount. Imagine getting an additional amount on this redeposit, with which you can play a number of bingo games. This is why redeposit bonuses are a popular option that you should avail.

There are some sites that offer you a 50% redeposit bonus. This means that if you redeposit £30, the site will give you a 50% bonus on this and you will have an additional £15. So, when you start playing bingo, you will have £45 and not just £30 to play with.

VIP Status

Most sites offer these redeposit bonuses to reward those players who keep coming back to use them. As part of this offer, they give you VIP status and give you a silver class bonus of 50%. You can also win big amounts of cash rewards and prizes using this additional bonus and keep raising your level.

Bingo Rooms and Games

You will also have access to several themed bingo rooms and will be able to choose from 90-ball bingo games, 85-ball bingo games, 70-ball bingo games and 30-ball bingo games.

Wagering Requirements

But, you must always check the site’s terms and conditions because many of these redeposit bonuses have wagering requirements attached to them. This means that in order to withdraw what you win using this bonus, you will have to redeposit some amount or win up to a certain level. This wagering requirement can range from three times your bonus amount right up to 10 times.

Bingo Bonus Bundle

At times, the sites even increase the bonus with each redeposit so you end up with a huge amount at the end of the day. You can also check out sites that offer this 50% redeposit bingo bonus as a bundle where you get a 25% bonus on bingo and a 25% bonus on other games as well.

Promo Codes

Generally, most sites offer these bonuses as promotional codes online at specific times. Thus make sure you keep checking the site at those specific timings in order to avail the promo code and get the redeposit bonus. So, go ahead and be loyal members of online bingo sites to avail a 50% redeposit bonus and get additional cash. But, make sure you don’t forget to check the site’s rules or contact customer care and redeposit with the promotional code available online.