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One of the most recognized bonuses announced by online bingo gaming sites is ‘Spin the Wheel’. This lucrative bonus offers an additional chance for the player to try his or her luck at additional bonuses. Many fans of online casino games have started playing online bingo after the introduction of this amazing bonus. Check out our list of the best bingo sites that offer spin the wheel bonuses below.

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What are Spin the Wheel Bingo Sites?

Online bingo sites introduce several offers and promotional discounts to attract more players to their gaming sites. The various methods include sign-up bonuses, cash bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and now the extra spin the wheel bonus. Each additional spin the wheel bonus, allows a player the chance to win more prizes. The minimum reward of the additional spin the wheel is equal to £5 on most sites with the maximum amount on offer being £15 or more. In addition, you may be the lucky winner of the handsome jackpot prize of £2,500 and up by spinning the wheel an additional time.

Welcome Bonus + Additional Spin the Wheel Prizes

Have you ever imagined how would you feel if you win a bonus prize in an online bingo game just after making your first deposit? Online bingo sites offer lucrative rewards for its participants.

The Spin the Wheel bonus allows a player to win the welcome bonus along with additional prize money ranging between £10 and £2,500 or even more.

In addition, you can play a few rounds of other online casino games with the first deposit. Moreover, you can also avail other promotional offers announced by the online gaming sites and win yourself a huge jackpot prize.

Difference from Other Bonuses

The exciting fact about the spin the wheel bonus is its random results that help in the announcement of the winner. The other prizes are not as lucrative as this one, as this is an instant win.

In addition, if you get to spin the wheel again, you have a whole other chance to win a huge instant prize. Now is the time to cash in on this amazing new bonus. When you sign up to a new bingo website not only do you get to claim a welcome bonus, but you can get additional free cash in the form of a spin the wheel bonus. Check out the websites listed above for your chance to win extra cash through the simple spin of a wheel.